The Radio Amateur Examination

There are three types of examination pertaining to radio amateur
conducted by MCMC.


Radio Amateur Examination (RAE)
The RAE is a written examination on the following topics:

a) The fundamental theory of electricity, electronics and radio communications;

b) The theory and operation of any amateur radio equipment including the antenna systems, transmission lines, transistors, amplitude and frequency modulation and single sideband techniques;

c) The regulations made under the Act which is applicable to the establishment and operation of a station performing an amateur experimental service; and

d) The ITU Radio Regulations applicable to the operation of a station performing an amateur experimental service and those provisions relating to the operation of stations generally.

How to Apply for the Examination

The examination will be held from time to time. The actual date and venue for the examination will be specified by the SKMM. The notice or announcement will be made through a public notice, published in the local press and SKMM official website at www.skmm.gov.my. The notice will have detailed terms and conditions, application procedures, payment mode and other related matters pertaining to the examination.

In the RAE conducted on 15 December 2011, SKMM has introduce a new web based application to manage the examination conducted by SKMM namely SKMM Examination Management System or in short SEMS. Details of the system are described below.

Apply Examination Application –> https://sems.mcmc.gov.my/sems/

In case you need more information or having questions with regards to SEMS, you may email MCMC at sems@cmc.gov.my