Amateur Radio Service exists in nearly every country and utilizes the same frequencies as in Malaysia. In Malaysia, the amateur radio is regulated by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM).

To operate an amateur radio station in Malaysia, the operator must have an Amateur Radio Operator’s Certificate and an Amateur Station Apparatus Assignment (ASAA) or a foreign amateur radio licensed from countries that have a reciprocal arrangement with Malaysia.

  • Check Callsign

  • License Application ( Station Callsign, Apparatus Assignment etc)

  • License Application for Foreign Amateur Radio Licensees
    1.  Download and fill up the form. DOWNLOAD
    2.  A photocopy of your current amateur radio operator certificate.
    3.  A photocopy of photograph page of your passport.
    4.  A photocopy of photograph page of your Visa (if applicable).
    5.  A photocopy of Malaysian working permit.
    6.  A letter of support from your amateur radio society ( must be a members of IARU )

* Kindly submit your application two month in advance to * * MARTS will advice on the fees upon application received.

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