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Change of the Guards IARU Region 3

Dear Colleagues,

Effective on today, 15th October 2018, the new set of IARU Region 3 Directors are now on duty.

The new set of IARU Region 3 Directors and Secretary for next 3 years are given below.

Chairman of Directors

Wisnu Widjaja, YBØAZ (ORARI)


  1. Mohd Aris Bin Bernawi, 9M2IR (MARTS)
  2. Jakkree (Jack) Hantongkom, HS1FVL (RAST)
  3. Katsumi (Ken) Yamamoto, JA1CJP (JARL)
  4. Peter Young, VK3MV (WIA),
  5. Don Wallace, ZL2TLL (NZART)


Shizuo Endo, JE1MUI (JARL)


Other IARU Region 3 Officers are also listed below.

Beacon Coordinator: Joz Sefiriano YD1JZ

Monitoring System Coordinator: Titon Dutono YB3PET

EMC Coordinator: Yong-Seok Choi HL3OB

Chairman ARDF Committee: Yoh Izuta JF1RPZ

Awards Manager: Gjellani Joostman Sutama YB1GJS

Chairman Disaster Communications Committee: Dani Halim YB2TJV

Band Plan Coordinator: Sion Chow Qi Chao 9M2CQC

Vacant IARU Region 3 positions

EMR Coordinator

STARS*** Task Force Convenor

We all look forward to working with you.

73 de Ken Yamamoto JA1CJP

Outgoing Secretary, IARU Region 3

IARU Region III celebrates 50 years with a special call sign!

IARU Region III celebrates 50 years with a special call sign!

50 years ago, on the 12th April 1968 a Regional arm of the International Amateur Radio Union, IARU Region 3, was established in Sydney.

The IARU itself came into existence on the 14th April, 1925, at the Faculty of Science, Paris University, where a congress made up of representatives from a number of world-wide amateur radio organisations met to form a united voice for wireless experimenters.  This was, a truly far sighted move by those involved!

The need for such an organisation was just as great then as it is now.  Then, wireless communications was on the cusp of rapid change, largely brought about by the opening up of the short wave bands and the introduction of broadcasting.  Today we have to contend with even more intense demands, particularly on our spectrum allocations – the very necessary ‘parklands amongst the industrial world’ in which we need to survive!

Region 3 comes into existence.

In April 1968, representatives from Japan, the Philippines, New Zealand and Australia met in Sydney to establish a Region 3 organisation.  Other countries, Ceylon, India, South Korea, Thailand, and Hong Kong indicated their support for the meeting but were unable to attend.

At this meeting, it was decided to proceed with a Region 3 Association and establish an interim Directorate of five, representing the countries present.  They were appointed to legally act for the Association until the Plenary (all inclusive) meeting which was scheduled for Tokyo in 1971.

Region 3 Today.

Like most amateur radio involvements, the voluminous hard work is carried out by volunteers.  Indeed our hobby would not exist if it was not for dedicated volunteers throughout the amateur ranks who give so freely of their time and expertise for the benefit of all.  Regional activities are no exception and can be even more stressful due to the distances involved, language differences, let alone the often diametrically opposed points of view of some country’s authorities.

From the humble beginnings at the Inaugural meeting in 1968, IARU Region 3 now has 39-member countries and to help celebrate the formation 50 years ago, MARTS has been able to secure a special call sign 9M50IARU which will be valid from 0001UTC 1st May until 2359UTC 31st October 2018.  Should you wish to make use of the callsign please email to express interest.

Every radio amateur needs the IARU!