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Media Release: MARTS played Role in Mysterious Missing Airliner MH370 Response

The disappearance of a Malaysian Airline Boeing 777 jetliner with 239 passengers on board is a mystery that nine nations are trying to solve.   But during its early hours ham radio was called in to help with the human aspect of the situation and MARTS responded to the calls immediately.

—– Quoted by Disaster Communication Committee of International Amateur Radio Union —–

Following the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian Airline Boeing 777-200ER jetliner with 239 passengers aboard, the airline’s Emergency Management Centre (EMC) at Kuala Lumpur Airport provided hotel accommodations for next of kin. The Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters’ Society (MARTS) President, Mohd Aris Bernawi, 9M2IR, said his organization was asked to provide a link between the airport and the hotel.

MARTS quickly set up a station, led by Zanirul Akhmal Zanirun, 9M2PRO, with Azizi Samsuri, 9W2ZZE, as the airline’s team leader. The Negeri Sembilan Amateur Radio Club (NESRAC) provided volunteers for the station at the EMC. MARTS set up a cross-band VHF/UHF link to avoid any unnecessary interference to and from public service communications, and an HF link was added later. During the callout 11 Amateur Radio volunteers were at the EMC and 23 volunteers at the hotel.

9M2IR, who oversaw the entire process, said MARTS — an IARU member-society — was pleased to be able provide the communication link as the search for flight MH370 continues. — Thanks to Jim Linton, VK3PC, Chairman IARU Region 3 Disaster Communications Committee

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Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitting Society and its affiliated members club are actively involved in communication aids since 9th March 2014 over the flight missing incident that covers the international headlines.

Some of NESRAC’s Team who arrive at KLIA Airport Since 9th March 2014 for communications aids.


Initial setup at KLIA, for monitoring Aircraft and Marine Frequencies at Gulf of Thailand’s SAR

About flight MH370 Flight Make/ Model: Boeing 777-200

Malaysian Callsign: 9M-MRO Years in Service : Since 2002

Route: Flight MH370 departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 00:41 on Saturday March 8th 2014(16:41 GMT Friday), and was due to arrive in Beijing at 06:30 (22:30 GMT)

Last Contact with Civilian Radar: 1:21am March 8th 2014

Last Detection By Military Radar: 2:15am March 8th 2014

Emergency Locators for a typical Civil Aviation Flights:

As a license holder and amateur radio operators we are under the oath of “Secrecy of Wireless Communication” by Statutory Declaration of 1960 before Justice of the Peace, Magistrate or a Commissioner of Oath. Therefore the progress of the Search and Rescue and any relevant info on the ongoing mission will not be revealed by MARTS. The members are currently providing technical and communication aid as a support for the agencies as such we are bound to not releasing any further info on the ongoing SAR activities. For official release of news please refer to Malaysian Airline Systems MH370 Flight Incident Statements:

Despite continues progress and varieties of speculation, we as the Amateur Radio Community of Malaysia still crossing our fingers in great hope that somehow…somewhere a whereabouts of the missing flight MH370 will come to visible sight. May the greatest scientific hobby be utilized to maximum efforts in gaining the clues for the discoveries. We unite and stay focused with the prayers for passengers, crew and the flight of MH370 with the hope of the world will join us too.

Compiled by Jayakanthan, 9W2BUG 16/03/2014

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