New MARTS Linking Repeater Bkt Sulai Under Trial

New MARTS Linking Repeater 9M4RJR (13th May 2016)

New MARTS linking repeater, 9M4RJR located in Gunung Jerai (146.2625 MHz, offset +600 khz, tone 203.5 Hz) is now up and running.

All licensed amateurs are welcome to use the link repeater system and we welcome any signal reports to help us improve the quality of the linking repeater system.

Thanks to 9W2ALS,9W2EDK & 9M2CQC 

9M2RKV New Sub Linking Node

9M2RKV-Link - New Sub-Link Node for MARTS 2M Linking Repeater System

MARTS is pleased to announce that we have added a new sub-link repeater node as part of the MARTS 2M repeater linking system. This new sub-link repeater is located at TM Gunung Kledang, Ipoh, the same site where the Ipoh local repeater, 9M2RKV is located.

Certain amateur radio operators especially those in Ipoh and its surrounding area were facing difficulties accessing the Gunung Brinchang linking repeater, 9M4RCH directly. However, since they were able to receive 9M4RCH’s output in most areas but not able to access the repeater, MARTS has decided to setup a sub-link as an alternative input to 9M4RCH for amateur in these affected areas thus reducing cost and equipment complexity.

Radio amateurs in Ipoh and the surrounding areas are welcomed to access the MARTS 2M Linking Repeater System via this new sub-link repeater’s input or directly to 9M4RCH. The technical details are as below:

9M2RKV-Link (New Sub-Link with Input to 9M2RKV-Link, and output directly from 9M4RCH)
Frequency: 145.450 MHz
Shift: +600 KHz (Your Radio should TX at 146.050 MHz)
Tone: 203.5 Hz

9M4RCH (Direct Access to Existing Gunung Brinchang Linking Repeater)
Frequency: 145.450 MHz
Shift: -600 KHz (Your Radio should TX at 144.850 MHz)
Tone: 203.5 Hz

MARTS welcomes all licensed radio amateurs to access our 2M linking repeater system via any of the repeater nodes and enjoy having QSOs with radio amateurs around the country.

MARTS would like to express its thanks and appreciation to En. Asrul (9W2AEK), En. Wan (9W2EWD), En. Azran (9W2DBY), En. Khir (9M2TDP) and En. Alias (9W2ALS) for their hand work and effort in making this sub-link a reality. Please feel free to provide us with feedback on the performance of this new sub-link as well as other repeaters at any time. These information are very useful for the technical team to fine tune the repeater system to keep them in optimum performance.

Thank you.

Sion Chow Q. C,
Assistant Secretary MARTS 2015-2017





On 4th Oct 2015, a few groups from KL, NS, Malacca & Johor has volunteered to restore the problems of VHF Radio Repeater for local & linking. These guys are 9M2CQC, 9W2PD, 9W2ALS, 9W2JEK, 9W2RUT, 9W2EDK, 9M2MDX, SWL EZHAN.

Even though they had find some tough time to recfity and further to restore, their efforts finally paid off as the repeater now back in action. 

Thanks to them and volunteers support for a signal report and help them make a proper fine tune.

We encourage ham members to use it and we seeking more volunteers from southern to step forward.

Thanks again. 


*Courtesy pictures from 9M2MDX's facebook