5 MHZ... for amateur radio service

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In 2002 we drafted demand to have portion of 5 MHz allocated to or shared to Amateur radio service. 5 Mhz is the intermediate band between 3.5 MHz and 7 MHz. We also need this band as this band is popularly used for emergency by international organization responsible for disaster relief e.g. International Committee for Red Cross, hence we can give our hand when required. However it did not go very far, only within Malaysian working group. We also ask for additional 100 KHz in 7 MHz band during this time. Hence that is why 5 MHz take the back seat. In 2015 we will again demand part of 5.25 to 5.45 to allocated (on secondary basis) to Amateur service. Agenda item 1.3 of World Radio Conference 2015. You can support the cause by stating your experience handling communication at this band, legally or otherwise. (Submit using the contact form found on the website... thank you)