Message from MARTS President Ir. Mohd Aris Bernawi (9M2IR)

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Hj Mohd Aris Bernawi – 9M2IR

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a fruitful year ahead in 2013 (still not too late!).  I believe all of you are doing great and had a lot of good memories and remarkable achievements in the very successful year, 2012.

Thank you for your confidence and trust in electing me as your MARTS President for the ensuing term 2013-2014. I am humbled and deeply honoured that you have all elected me to serve as your President.  In the days to come, I promise to bring about my best to ensure MARTS achieves greater heights of success.

There are 7R’s goals that the new MARTS Council would like to achieve which are as follows: 


1.Represent and act as coordinating body for Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters’ Society, Societies, Organisation and individual amateur radio operators.

2.Update and Revise the Constitution of MARTS to current best practice, taking into consideration standard clause suggested by Registrar of Societies; and instruments adopted by other national amateur radio societies worldwide;

3.Recruit new members and activate all the old/previous members’ membership to perpetuate our society for the future 

4.Renew our visibility in the amateur radio community by promoting excellence and the interests of amateur radio's many varied activities through a program of technical, regulatory and general information within the amateur radio operators and to the Malaysian public.

5.Nurture our Relationships with its members and other amateur radio societies/organisations within and outside Malaysia

6.Recognize and Reach all radio amateur operators to help them improve their knowledge of amateur radio and their operating skills 

7.Resolve all of our challenges and come together as an organization to strengthen, contribute and to make our society a better place. 

 As the Council Members are all volunteers, we will try our level best to always be committed and work closely with our members in developing programs and activities. The society will initiate and organize many activities and events to keep it active.  MARTS Council team has actually lined up many exciting programmes in the much awaiting years 2013-2014 which will be announce from time to time.

 We will continuously update and enhance the content of latest happenings at MARTS portal.  I encourage MARTS members and guests to regularly visit and utilize MARTS portal. I also hope you will find the portal beneficial.   Any feedback to improve the portal and MARTS services as well as your contributions will be highly appreciated. It is always believed that only by sharing, we will then be improving.  Therefore, the rest can be assured that through our official portal, you will obtain relevant information about the MARTS, latest updates, current activity photos and the past achievements as well.  On top of that, MARTS will review the benefits of joining the association for our amateur radio operators. 

Well, I am sure by now we have a very clear road map of where the society is heading towards.  However, should you have any constructive ideas on how things can be improved in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 So let’s all be flexible and try new ideas.  Let’s open our hearts and minds to do things differently and enjoy the excitement of adventure.  I hope you will embrace “Change”.  A wise man once said: “IF YOU ARE CHANGING YOU ARE GROWING!”  Let us grow together to build MARTS to the best society in Malaysia.

 Members please attend our meetings and special events, provide us information about other society events, help publicize our society through the media to get name recognition, network with other societies and just have fun. 

 Last but not least, congratulations to our previous 2010-2012 MARTS Council Members.  I salute and applaud all of you for the endless time you have given to MARTS.  

I would like to extend my invitation to all of you to join us in the society and work together for the betterment of MARTS. 

“When All Else Fails, Ham Radio Works”

"MARTS - national association for radio amateur"


Thank you.  



Hj Mohd Aris Bernawi – 9M2IR