Emcomm exercise in Malaysia 1st October

Emcomm exercise in Malaysia 1st October



(Courtesy pictures from 9W8DEN Facebook)


The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) requested for an amateur radio emergency communications exercise to be held on October 1, 2016 centred on Sibu, Sarawak in East Malaysia.IARU member society, Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters' Society (MARTS) and the Amateur Radio Club Sarawak (ARCS), will jointly run the exercise with participation from Telecommunication companies and the Malaysian Civil Defense.

Since the Indonesian Amateur Radio Society is using the COA frequency of 7.110 Mhz for their current emergency communications. Subject to no QRM being caused, the exercise will use 7.125 MHz (All Modes ± 5 KHz) , using near vertical incidence skywave propagation and with emphasis on the PSK31 digital mode.

The exercise is to test the effectiveness of MARTS and ARCS in setting up both local and East to West Malaysia communications to give the authorities a better understanding of our amateur radio message handling capabilities with accuracy and speed, the IARU message format will be used, as it would in a real life event.

The MCMC Chairman from Kuala Lumpur will witness and take part in this exercise. MARTS requests that the frequency of 7.125 MHz be kept clear for the exercise on Saturday, October 1, 2016.


CoA frequencies are as below :

Emergency CoA frequency 3.600 MHz ( All Modes ± 5 KHz )

Emergency frequency 7.125 MHz ( All Modes ± 5 KHz )

Emergency CoA frequency 14.300 MHz ( All Modes ± 5 KHz )

Emergency CoA frequency 18.160 MHz ( All Modes ± 5 KHz )

Emergency CoA frequency 21.360 MHz ( All Modes ± 5 KHz )"

( Information from Johnny Tan 9M8DB )


Malaysia will be celebrating the 59th Independence Day on August 31, 2016. MARTS will be activating 14 special event callsign starting with 9M59Mx.

To encourage ham operator to participate in this event, MARTS will be issuing a special award certificate.

Validity of contacts :
Start : 00:00 MST – 27th August 2016
End : 23:59 MST - 16th September 2016

All amateur HF bands including WARC
Mode : SSB – CW – Digital

Repeater, satellite, eQSO, Echolink or other relay methods are *NOT* permitted

Awards :
Golden Award : 10 (ten) station with 9M59Mx can be contacted
Silver Award : 7 (seven) station with 9M59Mx can be contacted

Award can be applied by submitting valid LOG with details list of QSOs, which consist of callsign of contacted station, date & time in UTC, band, mode and communication report both ways. All awards will be sent in pdf, after the end of this activity via email.

Award submission date no later than 16th October, 2016

QSL Card :
Please do not send your QSL card to MARTS HQ but send it direct to 9M59xx stations.

LOG Submit :
Preferably by email to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please register your station into CLUBLOG.

Manual Post are not preferable

2016 IARU R3 Directors Meeting



Press Release - Announcement of Appointment of IARU Satellite Advisor



Structure of the organization of amateur radio in Malaysia



We are pleased to share the latest decision of SKMM regarding the proposal of Working Group on the amateur radio certification review.

In the new structure, there will be three classes of radio amateur category, namely Class A, Class B and the new Class C. The Morse Code will be removed as the proficiency skill needed for Class A. Minimum age to obtain certification for Class A, Class B and Class C will be 15, 14 and 12 respectively.

The privileges for each class has been upgraded for class A, expanded for class B. Class C will be the entry level whereby they will allow to use frequency in 2 meter & 6 meter (VHF) and 70 cm (UHF) only. Operator of Class B will be allowed to use the band in VHF and UHF, and almost all amateur radio HF band with maximum power of 50W PEP. Operator of Class A is allowed to use up to 1 KW in all of the HF band except if otherwise indicated.


The Working Group is tasked to continue of the pending job before end of second quarter 2016. The said work comprises of:

(a)NEW “Guideline of Amateur Radio Services in Malaysia”

(b)Operation manual for all three class categories;

(c)Question banks.

Detail and consequential changes will be shared when it is available later.