ARDF Penang Open 2013

The Penang ARDF Community is organising a fox hunt on Sunday June 30th, 2013.

We would like to invite you and your fellow friends to participate in this event.

This time we will be introducing also the 80M class.

Announcement has also been made at :

 Please pass this information to others who are interested.

We would appreciate if we can get early acknowledgement.

 73 de 9M2LC - KC

Malaysian Radio Amateur Examination Series 2, 2013

Calling all SWLs throughout Malaysia, Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission has announced RAE series 2 for 2013.

Closing date for application is 10 May 2013.

Don’t miss the boat.

For further information and application form, visit:

China earthquake report #3

China earthquake report #3

The rescue and relief efforts after Saturday's southwest China Ya'an earthquake is continuing with the number of lives lost officially at 188 people, 25 are missing and 11,460 injured.

While radio amateurs continue to help with relief efforts, Fan Bin BA1RB says that public communication is back to normal in the disaster area.

He said the CRSA/CRAC no longer required 3855kHz, 7050kHz and 14270kHz as emergency communication frequencies. It expressed thanks for the support from IARU member societies and others during the disaster.

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World Amateur Radio Day


Kepada semua radio amatur, baik baru atau yang senior, radio amatur akan lebih bermakna dan relevan dengan aktiviti bersepadu walaupun di tempat yang berlainan, di tepi pantai, di dalam belukar, diatas bangunan pencakar langit atau di tepi lapangan terbang dll. Bersepadu walaupun dilaksanakan oleh orang muda, atau oleh orang lama. Semangat radio amatur mesti dikekalkan, sentiasa mahu mencuba, sentiasa mahu menyelidik dan sentiasa mahu membangunkan, tanpa melanggar undang-undang Tapi belajar lah secara tersusun dan berguru tetap pasti di perlukan.

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GlobalSET 2013

Global Simulated Emergency Test – Saturday April 13th and Saturday April 20th 2013

9M8DB will be taking part as Region 3 HQ station and 9M4CMR will be participating.

IARU Region 1 invites the HQ-Stations of all IARU member societies and stations of Emergency Communications Groups to participate in a Global Simulated Emergency Test on

Session 1 - Saturday April 13th, 2013 11.00 – 15.00 Local Time and
Session 2 - Saturday April 20th, 2013 Times as shown below.

The operation will take place on and near the emergency Centre-of-Activity (CoA) frequencies
on 80, 40, 20, 17 and 15 metres (+-QRM ).

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IARU Region 3 Operating Award

1. The award is available to licensed amateurs and SWLs.

2. Contacts made after April 5, 1982 are eligible.

3. QSL cards NOT required. Send certified list of eligible contacts from Log Book. Include Country in log.

4. Cost is NZ $3.00, Overseas US $4.00.

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YUDX Contest 2013

From: < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >
Date: 5 April 2013 21:08
Subject: YUDX 2013

Dear contesters,

We invite you to participate in YUDX Contest 2013 that will take place on April 20th and 21st, the YUDX Contest being organised on the third full weekend of April each year.

We will communicate during two periods of 8 hours each with 4 hours break, only CW on all HF bands. Propositions are a little bit different comparing to previous years: instead of exchanging IARU zone, we will exchange the serial number of QSO. The number of awards has doubled. Multipliers are only YU-YT prefixes now. For more information please see:

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The 9th IARU Region 3 ARDF Championships Hongcheon, Korea

1.      Dates  of  the  Championships:

a.      September 1-6, 2013

2.      Venue: Hangcheon, Gangwon Province, Korea (100km NW of Seoul)

 For more information, go to “Menu – Contest”