The 15th IARU Region 3 Conference, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

IARU Region 3International Amateur Radio Union Region 3




Date: 10 November 2012


The 15th IARU Region 3 Conference,

Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam


The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Region 3, 15th Triennial Conference was held on 5 - 9 November 2012, hosted by the Vietnam Amateur Radio Club (VARC) in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Viet Nam.

The Conference opened on Monday 5th November, under the shadow of the passing away of the former Chairman Michael Owen VK3KI on 22nd September 2012.



The meeting observed a minutes silence in Michael’s memory.  Throughout the duration of the conference a series of photographs of Michael were placed on the top table to remember him.


The Conference was declared open by the Chairman of VARC Mr Nguyen Minh Duc 3W2REH.  Local officials Mr Lee Manh Ha Vice Chairman of the HCM City People's Committee and Mr Nguyen Van Thu Deputy Manager Radio Frequency Management Department and Director of the Centre for Regional Frequency Management 2 of the Ministry of Telecommunications of Viet Nam warmly welcomed everyone to HCMC.


Mr. Tim Ellam VE6SH President of the IARU and Peter Lake ZL2AZ Chairman of Directors of Region 3 also participated in the opening ceremony.  They also paid tributes to Michael Owen on behalf of the IARU, Region 3 and radio amateurs all over the world.


The conference saw participation with a record number of 16 societies in person and one by proxy.  (ARRL/ ARSI/ BDARA/ CRSA/ CTARL/ HARTS/ JARL/ KARL/ MARTS/ NZART/ ORARI/ PARA/ RAST/ SARTS/ VARC/ WIA and PIARA represented by JARL.  This compares with 10 member societies and 3 proxies at the 14th Regional Conference in Christchurch.  Also attending were the IARU President Tim Ellam, from Region 1 President Hans Timmerman PB2T and Secretary Dennis Green ZS4BS and from Region 2 President Reinaldo Leandro YV5AM and Secretary Ramon Santoyo XE1KK.


Terry Carrell ZL3QL from New Zealand was nominated as the Conference Chairman by VARC, and accepted by the conference.


Two Working Groups were formed:

·     WG1 - Policy matters that included education, training, development of amateur radio and international and regional conferences involving radio administrations

·     WG2 - Operational and Technical Matters, including emergency communications, the IARU R3 Award and band plans.


In addition the Finance Committee was convened at times when all delegates were invited and available to participate.


A total of 61 documents were discussed by the Working Groups and recommendations submitted to the conference.


One of the major items for consideration was the possible increase in subscriptions, a subject that had been initiated at the last conference in Christchurch.  This has engaged the attention of all societies during the past three years as the current rates of subscription payments just about balanced the expenses of the region without generating much for building up a reserve or covering inflation etc.


The conference debated this issue and recognized the need, and voted for an increase of 20% over the current IARU Region 3 subscription rates.


Two societies had submitted resolutions for increasing the number of directors from the present five to either six or seven to provide greater representation from societies, and to be able to work on the many issues that need attention. This item was discussed in detail and it was agreed by the conference to increase the number to six.


Attendance at APT/APG meetings is vital to the build-up for WRC 15, and budget has provided for the region to be adequately represented.


The conference noted that ORARI were in an advanced stage of preparations to launch an amateur satellite from a launch pad in India.


Steps will also be taken to modernize the IARU Region 3 website.


The Conference accepted a proposal from WIA to sponsor and implement an annual award in memory of the late Michael Owen, VK3KI.  It is to be awarded to the highest Region 3 individual score in the annual IARU HF Contest.  The WIA will fund and present a suitable trophy each year.


Consequent to the decision of conference to elect six directors the following six nominations were received and declared elected, unopposed:


·     Peter Lake ZL2AZ

·     Joong Guen Rhee HL1AQQ

·     Shizuo Endo JE1MUI

·     Geoff Atkinson VK3TL

·     Wisnu Widjaja YB0AZ

·     Gopal Madhavan VU2GMN


The Directors then elected Gopal Madhavan VU2GMN as their Chairman, which was endorsed by conference.


Katsumi (Ken) Yamamoto JA1CJP was returned unopposed as Secretary.  The auditor was also reappointed.

Most Regional Coordinators were reappointed.  The Conference appointed Onno W Purbo YC0MLC to the vacant EMC Coordinator's position due to the resignation of Chang HL3QVU.  The EMR Coordinator's position remains vacant after the passing away of Keith Malcolm, VK1KM.  The Directors are tasked with finding someone to do this job.


The Administrative Council of IARU met just before the Region 3 conference with Chairman Peter Lake ZL2AZ and Secretary Ken Yamamoto JA1CJP participating on behalf of Region 3, with Shizuo Endo JE1MUI also attending as an observer.  The Administrative Council members also participated in the conference.


The Directors of Region 3 also met before the Region 3 conference.  Most of their work was concerned with preparation for the conference.  The re-elected and new Directors met after the conference, on 10 November, to prepare for the next triennium of work.


The conference was in praise of the VARC organizing committee, headed by Mr Nguyen Minh Duc 3W2REH, and the Royal Hotel Saigon, for their arrangements for meetings etc.


The conference thanked Terry Carrell ZL3QL for taking on the role of conference chairman and conducting the meetings with efficiency.


One invitation was received from ORARI to host the 16th Regional Conference of IARU Region 3 at Jogjakarta in Central Java, Indonesia in late 2015. Presentations were made by ORARI.  The conference adopted the motion to hold the next conference in Indonesia.


Ken Yamamoto

Secretary, IARU Region 3

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.