2016 the way forward.

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65 members attended the AGM this year. We are indeed excited to witness an increase in attendance at this meeting, including clubs from Penang, the Japan Amateur Club and individual who have come all the way from Germany.

The secretary (and assistant secretary), reported at length the considerable amount of activities that were undertaken in 2015, covering area activities by affiliated members and clubs. National fox hunt and go-box, contest, field days, lighthouse weekend, JOTA, IOTA and Global SET (simulated emergency test) to name a few. MARTS will endeavour to organise more effective events at national and local level, and is seeking greater contribution from clubs to organize events at local level, to satisfy the needs of local ham and improve outreach to members.

He also touched on initiative to work together with other ham and also with SKMM to restructure the certification of amateur radio competencies. We may create another level of competencies of radio amateur below the present level of Class B.  To achieve a higher grade will be through an examination using a dynamically new syllabus.

Members have urged Council Member to revise the record of assets of MARTS, to fully depreciate equipment in use, to write off assets that are practically not usable, and these assets to be completely reviewed before the next AGM. Members also took note of the Council Members presenting a deficit budget for 2016 as to implement the objective of MARTS in accordance with its present Vision and Missions.

All members and all ham are encouraged not to use dialect when in QSO, especially when doing QSO with fellow ham from a different state. Members are also encouraged to communicate in English to improve their fluency in the language so as to ease communication with fellow ham overseas when the need arises.