The Global Simulated Emergency Test ( GlobalSET ) started on 18th December with a 24-48 hour timelimit for Emergency Communications Groups around the world to carry out an availability exercise, contacting their members to find out how many would be available within 1-12 hours.

Malaysia took part in the Test while initial results have proved that amateur radio can respond quickly to an emergency call, even one on a working day, there has also been a great deal to learn about the reliability of the systems we use and the resilience of our structures.

An email has been sent to all societies in Malaysia to participate in this exercise.

MARTS conducted 2 Meter NET on 19th December 2015 at 2100 MST and volunteered NCS 9W2FMC from Puchong.

Total of 36 stations check in. More than 50% ham radio operator in Malaysia replied they able to respond within a hour.

Thank you to NCS 9W2FMC and all ham radio operators in Malaysia for participated in this exercises.

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