ALERT! Atlantic Hurricane

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Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins

The first Atlantic Hurricane Season alert is on as Hurricane Arthur moves
up the east coast of the USA dumping rain and bringing destructive winds.

As holiday makers gathered for the US Independence Day, July 4, Arthur made
landfall in North Carolina recording 160km/h winds and drenching rainfall
before continuing to head north.

Although rated at category 2, the US National Hurricane Centre said Arthur
had the potential for powerful tidal surges and damage.

A number of emergency nets both phone and digital may be in use during the
season, and QRM with them should be avoided. They include:

Caribbean emergency & weather net 7.162 and 3.815 MHz
Eastern Caribbean narrow band emergency system 7.036 MHz USB (Olivia & MT63)
Caribbean emergency 14.185 MHz
Republica Dominicana 7.065 and 3.780 MHz
Cuba 7.045, 7.080, 7.110, and 3.740 MHz
Central America 7.090 and 3.750 MHz
Nicaragua 7.098 MHz
Guatemala 7.075 MHz
Panama 7.085 MHz
Mexico 7.060 and 3.690 MHz
Maritime mobile service net 14.300 MHz
Hurricane Watch 14.325 MHz
Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) 14.265 MHz

Other groups may also activate and their frequencies are expected to be made

- Jim Linton VK3PC, Chairman IARU Region 3 Disaster Communications Committee.