Silent Key - 9W2JO

9W2JO James Tay @ James Tan Teng Kee, went silent key today 25/06/2014, while in deep sleep. During the days when MARTS' Repeater in Gunung Pulai 9M2RGP was the only active repeater down south. We hear him on air without fail every Thursday at 9pm for the Johor 2m net where the stations from Johor, Singapore and Kepulauan Riau can be heard checking in on the weekly event for many years. Now his friendly voice that brought us together will remain unheard ..... but fond memories of him will forever remain in us. James 9W2JO-SK you're the godfather for many hams, you thought us how to respect others and believe in unity among us. May his soul rest in peace....... DE 9W2BUG


Condolences to the family of 9W2JO who went silent key.


Takziah buat keluarga beliau....from MARTS members of Cameron Highlands.